Ground Consulting was first established in 2005. We provide a range of ground investigation and treatment solutions, with an emphasis on practical solutions, rapid response and quality.

Our services include:

  • Statutory Environmental Auditing (Contaminated Land) – Victoria.
  • Statutory Environmental Auditing (Contaminated Land) – Queensland.
  • Environmental & land contamination due-diligence and Expert Witness provision.
  • Project management, risk management, work plans and specifications.
  • Contaminated land assessments (Phase 1 & Phase 2+ environmental site assessments, soil sampling for licensed waste disposal, soil vapour assessment).
  • Landfill investigation and management.
  • Hydrogeological assessments and groundwater sampling/monitoring.
  • Geophysical investigations.
  • Site remediation.
  • Laboratory analysis.
  • Fate & transport modelling.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Geotechnical Investigations & Design.