53 X Environmental Audit – Property Developer, Lake Wendouree (Ballarat), Victoria

Completed a Section 53 X Environmental Audit (Contaminated Land) for this 0.2 Ha site. The property was formerly linked to an adjacent church building and land and was occupied by two bitumen surfaced tennis courts constructed in the 1920’s. The land is to be re-developed into medium density residential housing.

The bitumen layer had historically leached PAHs into the underlying fill sub-base and general fill at the site, resulting in PAH concentrations ranging from Category C to A as described under the Victorian Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines. Fill and natural soils also contain significant metals. Regional aquifer involved residual clays of basaltic origin over basalt flows, where a historic gold mining ‘deep lead’ underlies at the site at an approximate depth of 90 m.

A Statement of Environmental Audit was issued for the site with a matched Soil Management plan.